Over the weekend I came across a quick read titled “Why Big Brands Hire Small Agencies” and thought, well said Mrs. Blogger. I mean, I get it. It’s our life and we live and breathe this logic, but we rarely put it into words unless we’re asked about our size. 

We’re nimble and we’re on your side, big brands. Why? Because we value organizations with good people behind them who yearn for success. We know how to reach the right audiences and we don’t have to wait for approval. 

Big agencies oftentimes have long pipelines, we just have conjoined desks so quick thinking has an opportunity to be just that. We respond to your customers quickly, we distribute information as soon as you need us to and we are available at just about any time of day. 

All that, plus transparency. In a small agency you know who is working for you, because we’re the ones picking up the phones, taking the client meetings, writing the documents and designing your next campaign. We aren’t outsourcing or assigning tasks to anyone else. What you see is what you get and if you have a question all you have to do is ask us. 

Here’s the article I mentioned above, http://blog.hubspot.com/agency/big-brands-hire-small-agencies?source=ppc-facebook-big-brands-small-agencies-20160322, and the bullet points from the article, if you’re interested go ahead and click on the link. It’ll back up the information, I just thought I’d share their own reasons for choosing a small agency, like Seedling Communications for your next PR, advertising or marketing campaign.  

  • Big brands need partners for smaller, project-based work.
  • Big brands want specialists.
  • Big brands want results, faster.
  • Big brands are looking for deeper insight.
  • Big brands want a partner willing to take risks.
  • Big brands care about culture.

Curious about what we can do? Let’s grab coffee. We can tell you about our work at big agencies and then share what we’ve been doing here for the past six years. 

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